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You can tie me up But you can't hold me down

Today you get a double whammy. Two photo shoots hitting on the same topic.

I remember this shoot clearly. It was for an excellent leather shop in Toronto called Northbound Leather and it was photographed by Jen Toole. There are missing photos with my longtime

Love Letters Cabaret dance partner, Kage Wolfe, that I sadly can't find.

These garments were a trip to wear bc being bound is a trip. If you've never tried it, I recommend you do, but perhaps begin slowly and with someone you trust, because the idea of it is one thing but once you're bound, all kinds of emotions might come up. The handcuffs, for example, were alright for me and the lace-up gloves and corset were things I've grown accustomed to through burlesque costuming. The biggest baddie in this shoot was the fierce little heels that looked all unassuming. They fit perfectly but if you can't tell in the photos, I'll point out that they were secured with powerful tiny locks.... and that made a psychological impact on me. I didn't realize it at first but after a few minutes with them on, I had to keep an eye on the key that would release me or else I would feel shooting pain up my legs. Psychosomatic? Probably, but maybe it was a reaction to a past life existence where I was persecuted and bound for being a witch. Regardless, it's important to understand that being tied up in any way is a very special act, and it must be approached with respect.

This shoot was a little later and shot by Sensual Eye in my home. The photographer was a beginner at Shibari and I was a beginner Shibari model so I agreed to bind my arms and after I checked into my comfort level, I allowed one leg to be controlled. At that time that was my max and we got these pics in. I have the utmost respect for everyone who takes part in suspension. I applaud your mind control and discipline!




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