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Updated: Nov 15, 2023

I took this series of photos last year, before a trip to Europe. After the pandemic, my life and habits didn't fulfill me anymore. I wasn't making art and I felt my Toronto life was stunted. I'd originally moved there imagining it would be a five-year stint but it ended up being a twenty-odd-year stay. It was due time to depart.

As I do, I worked a little magic to invite new life opportunities, and lo and behold, a flight to England popped into existence. I was to leave sooner than I anticipated, but that kind of flow is just what happens when magic is put into play at the right time. I had a flight, limited coin and nowhere to stay passed the first 2 weeks but I knew I wasn't going to take my return flight. Excited and fully aware that I hadn't sorted out any logistics, I took time to hang out with a friend. Rummaging through his closet, I found a gorgeous blue luchador mask. It was playful and shot me with the kind of rebel vibe I knew I'd benefit from through my upcoming solo travels. I threw off my clothes, slapped on, the mask, and decided this would be my new traveling avatar.

As a luchadora, I had nothing to fear and I trusted myself completely. My friend marked the moment with these photos and a few days later, I jumped on a plane and took off. I've since returned to Canada but not Toronto. The adventure continues.

photos by R Castro




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