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I harness the tools of our Natural world to help my clients shift their life challenges into opportunities. As a psychospiritual healer, I offer Intuitive Readings/ Divination (Tarot, Tea Leaf readings & Palmistry), Dream Analysis & instruction on lucid dreaming, sleep meditation & astral projection. I offer lessons on practical Ritual Building to enhance a true sense of connection to the world around us. This often includes Cleanses/ Limpias (in the form of ritual baths, smoke cleanses & cord-cutting ceremonies).For people more interested in Spellcrafting, I offer teachings in Folk magic, Sex magic, Animism & Incantations. This work is fuelled by love and a deep devotion to Life.


I am a LatinX artist, professionally trained in theater and classical dance & I come from a line of natural healers and psychics. My career has been sprinkled with work in film/television, as a choreographer & dancer on global tours in both contemporary indie companies to pop-star stadium tours. I was in a band long enough to gain momentum & one album cheekily titled Greatest Hits, and then moved on to direct my own project, Love Letters Cabaret for a decade. This multidisciplinary ensemble quickly earned the reputation of being “Toronto’s most sexually charged dance theatre company.” During that time, I taught all kinds of performance classes & was awarded several international burlesque awards. I developed a teaching style focused on harnessing confidence and grace by blending my artistic training with my lifelong spiritual practice. In 2020 I began offering my Shadow Work services to the public to help guide my clients through their fears & limiting beliefs with techniques that build the Stamina, Curiosity & Courage it takes to live a fully charged life. 



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