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Tarot & Spiritual Realignment

Support & Guidance

I have a lifetime's experience practicing ancient traditions that revere and communicate with all of Nature's elements. Some of my methods are so simple that they can be easily embedded into your everyday life, and others are highly ceremonial. Both are forms of ritual that help my clients navigate through some of their lowest points, from facing the parts of themselves that they've been avoiding, to taking full responsibility for their life and shifting challenges into opportunities. Adding rituals to lifestyle enriches one's sense of wonder, play, and gratitude. Regardless of the method, I am happy to hold space and guide people looking to connect to their own higher power. 


To ensure bookings a 40% deposit will be requested. No refunds are available for appointment cancellations within 24 hours.  Clients may reschedule appointments with 48 hours advance notice, but we do not issue refunds, i.e. no cancellations.

This work is for your entertainment and enjoyment. Results are not guaranteed. Accuracy is not guaranteed. Pastel Supernova does not take responsibility for any events that take place after working with you. The results you achieve from your manifestations are up to you. Pastel Supernova does not take the place of working with a licensed medical or psychological professional, or a financial or legal advisor. If you are experiencing a medical or psychological emergency, please call 9-11 or contact

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