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Honour Those Who Honour You

Sometimes, people will rudely shove your past in your face to lay on shame... I take this as an opportunity to reflect on how far I've come and to give thanks to everyone from my past for teaching me the life lessons that have gotten me this far. It reminds me how much more I want to accomplish, not to prove haters wrong, but to honor the ones who believed in me along the way.

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Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan
Nov 09, 2023

You have just proven that a true Luchadora needs no mask!

Own who you have been, with all your flaws and grace,

for there is freedom in the truth, it builds a unique place.

We can’t erase our history or deny a life transpired,

just embrace it all, no matter how we're wired.

To own who we've become, and where we're meant to be,

it's the meaning of the journey and sets our true soul free.

Look into that mirror, face your history's gaze,

Embrace the inner warrior, let thy true self blaze.

Reconcile your past, own who you are,

you have the strength to shine, beyond the brightest star.

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