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Calling the Quarters

Whether you're setting up a space for concentration like meditation, studying, or spellcasting you can enhance the vibration of the room by calling in quarters aka the elements. I'm not referring to the scientific elements but rather the symbolic embodiments of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

Normally this would be done once the space and your mind are clear of distractions and clutter. Essentially clean your area, and make yourself unavailable for the amount of time you need. Wash up and take a moment to sit, breathe and be still. To further clear the energy, clap into each corner of the space until it is loud and resonant or ring a bell until it carries a long-lasting sound. For those who practice the Craft, this is when you'd pull up a circle; imagine a protective bubble around your space, holding you and your goal safe for the duration of your work/practice. You can create this protective bubble by simply breathing and imaging a sphere of light in the middle of your body growing with each inhale until it fills your body and glows beyond your human shell and encompasses your space. Allow this to take as long as you need. Then it's time to call in the quarters!

Some people like to stand in the center of the space and vocally call in the elements one at a time while facing their corresponding cardinal points and envisioning images that represent them*. Other people like to sit in one place and see the cardinal points within their hearts and mind. I suggest you do what feels right for you, and whichever way you choose, make sure your voice is clear and confident. Feel free to use the following poem I wrote to call them in.

I ever Stand

In continuous motion

A portal. Space and time

A messenger of your Devotion.

I ever Stand

Life and Death united

Blood of the universe

Your passion ignited.

I ever Stand

Your reflection unedited

Within and without you

A gift you've inherited.

I ever Stand

A clandestine foundation

Ancient Nourishment

Your unfettered libation.

Once you've called them in, do the thing you wanted to do and when you're done, give thanks. You can say words of gratitude (to yourself, to the elements and to any other deities/ entities you may have invited in for being a part of the process). Or you can always get creative and do it your own way. Then envision the elements leaving your sacred space in reverse order to how you invoked them. (The invocation I offer begins with east.) Lastly take a deep deep breath in while imagining you're inhaling your bubble, your protective circle back into yourself. Hold it in to see the visualization clearly and as you exhale let that light settle into your bones, your blood, and your cells. It is done!

*North = Earth: greens & brown, salt, mountains, grounding, foundation, material abundance, nourishment, strength, long-term goals

East = Air: yellow, incense, communication, speed, travel, intellect

South = Fire: red, orange, hot pink, candle, destruction, rebirth, passion, love, extreme change

West = Water: blue, white, silver, psychic powers, purity, dreamscapes, clarity, healing

Let me know if you give this a try! I want to hear all about it.



photo by Sherlon Charles

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