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Boston Bay

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

For a few years, I visited a small and very beautiful place in Jamaica that relatively untouched by westerners. Each February, I'd set up for a month or so and take in the bounty of nature, settle out of the hustle of showgirl life and reset my priorities. Boston Bay is a quiet place known for its Jerk but what brought me back to this little spot was a friend I made upon first arrival.

Nobody ever told me her name so I called her Cow and Cow she remained. I'd never interacted with a cow before but she was curious about me and in her gentle nature, she approached me and showed me how to be her friend. Every morning she'd watch me pick mangoes from a tree and then she'd run over like a happy puppy to eat them out of my hand. Over the weeks I saw her take on the sweltering heat with stillness and grace. She'd stand alone on moonlit nights, under clear skies and she'd stand just as powerfully unbothered by sheets of falling rain that make Canadian storms seem like a tickle.

Cow and I hung out for hours and during our time together, she opened my heart and taught me many meditative lessons. It's been years since I've seen her and I often think of her. When I knew I'd probably not see her again, my sensitive ass cried. Here she is, checking in on me during a photo session.

Never underestimate a cow. 💜




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