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Neon Showgirl

Once again, work by John Ball. 

He shot a ton for the Love Letters Cabaret & Wife projects and it was dope. One of my favorite John Ball moments came after a delicious dinner with him and Rosie at Piquet, a west-end spot with sexy drinks. We were perfectly lit and the summer night made it impossible for me not to dance all the way home. John kept me company and the wine in our bodies got us admitting we both loved Andrew Loyyd Weber's The Phantom of the Opera. We must have individually held guilt about it because the relief of our confessions had us belting the soundtrack at full volume down Queen St. Hearing John sing as Phantom made me respect his character and love for fun.

This was a shoot at a King St venue where I had a burlesque residency over a few years, even as it changed hands and names over the years.




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