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House Blessings & Special Ingredients

New season, New Cleanse! Remember to cleanse & charge up the things that hang out with you the most. 🔑Keys! 📬Mailbox! ☎️Phones/Tablets & Laptops!

You can make your own Florida water, watch the video...

Add moon water* for extra protection or storm rain** to create an unforgettable forcefield ⚡️ The blend is antibacterial, antifungal & it repels bugs while smelling delicious! 🏆 Feel free to add local herbs with delicious aromas. (Pine is a wonderful addition!)

*If you want to know about Moon Water, here's how to prepare it:

On the eve of a full moon,

Pour filtered water ideally in a glass vessel but if Tupperware is all you've got on hand, then do not pass up the opportunity to use it!

When the moon is full, place your water where it is exposed to and charged by the moonlight.

Remove it before the sun comes up.

Seal it.

Date & Label it.

🌙 Moon water will amplify any ritual 🌟

*Collect Storm Rain in any vessel, but again, if you've got glass, use that. You don't have to sit in the rain, just leave out the vessel and let Nature do her thing.

If leaves or critters got caught in your vessel, filter them out and bottle it up.

Date & Label it & remember to note if there was lightning.

⚡️ Storm water electrifies any ritual 🌟

If you've got a special Florida mixture, feel free to post below!

Blessings and Respect,



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