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Aphrodisiac Tea, & a Sex Magic Ritual

Aphrodisiacs are a fun way to get tingly 🫦 but did you know they are also powerful healers? We can use aphrodisiacs not only to set a sensual tone but also to create an internal environment to nudge pleasure into our lives when we are feeling low. In the words of one of my teachers, Adriana Ayales, "Aphrodisiacs create core spiritual healing and connect us to our primordial system while attuning to the heart." When we are aligned in this way, we feel energized and fortified. Our hair becomes shinier, our smiles brighter and our skin becomes more radiant.

I found a #plantcoven tea recipe online & created a spell to go with it for a ceremonial sex magic experience. The outcome for me has been delightful! This ritual heightens my senses, allows me to share my more playful side, and keeps me present. By default, it makes me a better listener and observer, and in turn, a more generous lover.

Sex Magic Spell


1 cup Sex Magic Tea

5 drops of your choice of Rose Water, Jasmine essential oil, or Patchouli essential oil

optional: rose petals for your bath water

On a Friday night, set aside at least 45 min to be distraction-free. Take a few deep breaths to let go of the day's experiences. Brew a cup of Sex Magic Tea & draw a bath. (This can be a foot bath or a full body soak.) Make the space sexy to your liking. If you want to light candles and play a specific playlist, go for it. Create an atmosphere that makes you smile and shuns shame. Add the flower petals and Rose Water or your chosen essential oil to your bath and step into it. Take your time. As you dip your body into the warm water, inhale the fragrance and absorb its sensual power. Add the honey to either your tea or the bath (or a bit of both - yessssss do it!).

Enjoy your brew and think about how you like to feel in the throws of passion. Picture what you like to do, and what you love having done to you. The more you give in to your imagination the stronger the magic. Immerse yourself in a scenario or fantasy and let it feel REAL. Allow yourself to feel more pleasure than you ever thought possible. This might take practice, and that's totally fine. What's important is that you don't judge yourself.

Drink your tea and if you feel called to, raise the energy by touching your own skin while soaking in the water. Consume the powers of the herbs and when you're ready get out of the bath and AIR DRY. Let those water droplets fall on their own while you keep the vibrations of the oils on your skin. Then... get to it. 😘

Repeat for 5 Fridays to invoke the Power of Venus herself into your sex life. (Do it with a lover to create a deeper connection and more intense orgasms.)

Tea Recipe:

Equal parts: Gotu Kola, Sasparilla, Peppermint, Hawthorn Berries, Damiana, Ginko, Rose hips, chopped Vanilla Bean & Cinnamon

Use 1.5 tsp per 6-8oz of hot water

In my video, I enhanced the power of the tea blend with Goddess invocation, prayer and blessings. Do what feels right to you.

...And omit something if you're allergic to it.

Have fun!




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