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Rose Honey - a Love Potion

There is no greater power than Love, there simply isn't. Both roses and honey have ancient links to abundance and attraction spells because they have always been symbols of Love. Rose-infused honey is a powerfully nutrient potion on its own but you can also add it to enhance any skincare routine, love spell, and/ or forgiveness practice. Based on moon cycles I pick certain days to select roses, dry them, and drench them in honey for a few weeks to let them absorb each other's magic. A few weeks later, when it's all poured out, I am left with a floral-tasting honey that has been blessed by moon rituals.

Here are 2 practical ways you can enhance your day with Rose Honey:

Put a thin layer of it on your freshly washed skin, as a face mask. Honey has antiseptic, antioxidant, and anti-wrinkle properties that will leave glowing skin. It won't clog pores and will help heal skin irritations. Rose helps to brighten skin, adds vitamin C, prevents dark circles, and promotes collagen production. Together these two ingredients are excellent moisturizers.

Or... you can add it to a warm brew as a sweetener.

It adds a floral finish to your coffee or tea. On a spiritual level, the ingredients manifest abundance, attraction, and compassion. If you are in any kind of mourning or forgiveness process or are working on building and repairing your confidence, this potion is essential as it aids the wounds of spiritual trauma. It'll soothe your heart and attract worthy people into your life.

There are many other ways in which you can use this potion but before you go consuming it or pouring it on your face, please remember these two things: I am not a doctor. If you're allergic to either ingredient - refrain from this practice. I'll offer many more soon.




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