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Manifestation Panties

Are my sweet, beautiful boobies real? Big question. To be perfectly honest, I've been getting asked that question since I was twelve years old; I wish that were a lie, but it isn't. Grown men found it perfectly reasonable to ask a child if "those were real" from the time my body changed right up to the time when I changed it... So I guess the answer never mattered.

What does matter is intention. Intention is fueled by clear focus. Imagine something you want with your heart and soul and visualize yourself as having it. There's a lot about this that resembles a wish/ a prayer/ a spell - whatever you call it, you are aligning your frequency to that of one living in the abundance of your wish/prayer/spell and are by default, attracting it.

Once I decided on getting my tatas touched up, I got this panty set specifically to be worn once before the procedure and then right after. Then I made it happen.




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