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As a performer, being watched is essential. I love it when you're interested. Every time you show up to see my work, I thank you, because in a way, if you don't come 'round, does my work even exist?

I'm fascinated by voyeurism and with consent, it's incredibly sexy. I enjoy playing up a scene as if I don't know you're there. It makes me slow down and offer you visuals you may not be allowed to look at in any other situation. It's tantalizing and naughty... It's very burlesque, really.

For this photo set, my friend Michael Cooper snuck around the corners of my room to create the experience. I remember this shoot clearly as I was having confidence issues before he showed up but my mother, who was visiting, reminded me who I was and of where I came from. She infused me with power and when Michael arrived, a very beautiful creation came to life.


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