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Too Afraid to Love You

I once had a Love who wholeheartedly encouraged me to do the very thing that would inevitably tear us apart; he encouraged me to to trust myself and take risks. The journey of risk-taking began with coming to terms with how much, and why, had I been censoring myself. That process began to unveil and allow me to embrace aspects of myself I either hid or didn't know existed. It was humbling and fortifying and by default, my work evolved into a more passionate decree of devotion to my own raw feminine Spirit. As this personal growth developed, my Love disconnected until he no longer recognized me. Just like in a movie where someone dies and their spirit can no longer be seen by their loved ones, I watched my Love mourn my absence even as I stood right next to him. Eventually, I let the strong rapid currents of my new activations take me away. I knew this journey had only just begun and full of faith, I risked taking the rest of the journey alone.

This shoot was done with JD Howell on the cusp of my Risk-taking journey.

Song: Too Afraid to Love You by the Black Keys


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