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Sofia Loren

The way I got into posing for the camera was through a side project of a passion project and catalyst to my career as a backup dancer for Nelly Furtado, but I digress. Let's backtrack for a moment to when I was in said band about seven lifetimes ago. This band decided to put out an online magazine. The name of it escapes me but I think it was called Moda. Each band member was responsible for contributing content and being more confident in my body than in my words, I set up photo shoots in honor of feminine icons I grew up hearing through my parents' stories and old Hollywood. One of the first legends I took inspiration from was Sofia Loren by referencing a melange of her early promo pics and later photos of when she broke ground, proving a seductive creature remains so well past whatever age pop culture deems appropriate. She was and continues to be a babe through and through. Her intelligence and poise have always made me smile.

This was shot in a friend's apartment with photographer, Talia Shipman.

Recently I learned that the youth of today don't know about her, in general...sadness Do you know Sofia?




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