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Frida Kahlo

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

When I first started doing photo shoots, I chose to honor artists who blew my mind away. To tribute Frida Kahlo I took a handful of my favorite paintings and collaborated with May Truong and got to work.

The goal was to catch the essence of the portraits rather than recreating the images exactly.

Self-Portrait in a Velvet dress 1926

Self-Portrait with necklace of thorns 1940

This little ferret was my friend, Pepe, whose adoption day is on this day, July 1st. He was a great friend... And he also happened to be in my dream last night.

Frida Kahlo photographed c. 1938-39 by Nickolas Muray

I've added unedited files as well as the 'pretty' ones because Frida was raw and I think she might like that.

This shoot was before my burlesque days and adding real flowers to my hair was a new luxurious experience.

Self-Portrait dedicated to Dr. Eloesser 1940

I used as many of the same flowers as I could find and allowed them to influence my mood with the same aromatic medicine Frida inhaled while she posed.

While I was putting together the images for this post, the Sun card slid away from the rest of my Frida tarot deck. Symbolizing success, love, joy, and acheivement in the arts, I understood this as Goddess Kahlo approving of this shoot and this post.

The paintings referenced are from: Kahlo by Andrea Kettenmann & the Tarot deck is simply the Frida Kahlo deck




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