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Power in Pink

I don't know what you experienced during the height of the pandemic, but in my corner of the world, everything here shut down for two solid years. I wish I was exaggerating. In March of 2020, on the 15th to be exact...(oh, the ides of March!) I returned home from a trip to Curacao only to find myself on day 1 of a lockdown that prohibited anyone to do much of anything. I was instantly out of work, isolated from family and friends, in an empty home surrounded by streets full of closed businesses and dirty snow. It was surreal... All that to say I didn't connect with anyone for a long time. But I had been collecting new lingerie. When Roe Mezilas contacted me to shoot I didn't hesitate. Being back on set felt good but also a little strange. I had changed and those changes trickled in both how I hold myself and what I felt was important to say to the camera. I had done some very significant healing during the panini so in the name of Love I wore the color of what is both tender and powerful.




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