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Detachment vs Boundaries a Quick Thought

"The more I know me, the less I feel obligated to you " -Love the Poet

These are dangerous to insecure folk. It's important to know the difference between avoidance and detachment, but the weight of this statement is always a good

note-to-self when I'm getting impatient with myself over this or that. It gets me to reestablish my goals, reprioritize my actions in order to reach those goasls, and to refocus on what needs to get accomplished instead of giving voice to any self-sabotaging insecurity.

On such a week, I booked a shoot with a friend to get over some of my own headiness and this is what happenend...

These goodies were shot by the wildly talented and equally elusive tattoo artist, Rob Coutts. You've seen some of his work on most of my body. He was the creator of the snake piece running from my thigh up my back and tickling my ribs. He's a wonderful friend and we share a great love for art.



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