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Cherry Cola's ❤️

Updated: Jun 28

Here's a photo set I worked on with my previous work with Rosie Mae and photographer, John Ball. The setting is an iconic burlesque hub in Toronto called Cherry Cola's Rock n Rolla Cabaret and Lounge. This was a home for burlesque in all of its beautiful forms for many years, and sadly the 2-year pandemic lockdowns ran it out of business. Performers lovingly called it Stripper Church and it was a safe and gorgeous little space where all kinds of performers graced the stage. Misfits, weirdos, and the curious were always welcome through its doors at Bathurst and Queen West. Cherish, the owner was very gracious and allowed so many of us to produce shows, do shoots and just be our creative selves in her bar. I know many of us hold unforgettable stories from what already seems like a lifetime ago. I had a blast dancing all over that space and will treasure the moments created there. We were very lucky to have it, while we did. It would blow my mind if it could be revived.

If you had the opportunity to visit it, you know what I mean.




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