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Absurd Nudity

Updated: Jun 28

Here's a fun memory from my favorite place, the stage. A few years ago, I worked on a two-woman show with Toronto performer, Rosie Mae, where we explored everything ridiculous. The show was an all-consuming beast and branched into various sub-projects, which meant, we worked on it for a few years and everyone Rosie and I ran into rarely saw us without the other. Because of it, we heard a lot about what people assumed we were doing versus the truth so we dedicated one specific show to just that.

This act was originally a classic burlesque solo choreographed by Rosie but, after hearing the same lame jokes about what work wives do together in changerooms (insert all the winks and nudges), we smashed reality and fantasy into one hot mess. Enjoy the intro by the wonderful and hilarious Aidan Morris. The voice of God was Johnny B Goode & lovely stage kittens were Lacey Jane & Goldie Rocket. Our home that evening was my favorite 416 venue, the Lula Lounge.

If you enjoy the video, wait till I release the even more ludicrous close-up photos.


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