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Why Bother with Ritual?

Updated: 6 days ago

If you want to infuse specific goals with the concentrated energies of Nature, your ancestors, and honored Deities, I would be happy to customize a special ritual for you. This tailor-made experience includes a Tarot Reading, an Energy Healing & Realignment session followed by Ceremonial Magic to help clear obstacles and help you achieve your goals. Then just like a financial budget or a dietary plan, you are sent off with a daily practice to help you reach your desired goal. Rituals might take a while to embed into your day, so keeping that in mind, the ultimate goal might be broken down into levels to keep the practice doable rather than become another to-do list.

Rituals are a practice in honoring yourself and as easy as that sounds, we are often conditioned to put our well-being last. These practices often have seemingly invisible gains, so people may not reward you as you progress, but I will be there to witness, cheer you on, and remind you of your strength.

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Jul 08

In dawn's soft embrace,

Rituals weave life's pure thread—

Hearts find sacred peace.

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