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Spit Take

Bad Habit one million: daytime tequila breakup therapy. I could say I really tried not to drink all the booze I poured into my giant glass for this video but in the name of authenticity and all that, I totally did. In fact I drank so much that I was convinced the Titos Vodka was in fact Tequila. You can see it in the eyes 😆

To give more context, I was in the middle of getting friend-dumped by someone I cared for very much and had to vent with this lonely song. (I've sinced recovered from that heartbreak, and I wish her all the best in all she does). If you wait for it, you'll get a jiggly treat.

When I filmed this, I imagined this would be my response to Jidenna if he were singing to me in his song.

. (song: Sunset by Stevie Wonder)



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