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Spit It Out

Updated: Jan 6

When I prepare to give readings, I ground myself by asking Spirit to allow me to speak clearly and concisely from Source to provide insight that will ignite action towards the highest good. It's vital when I'm tapping into other people's energies because as an oracle, I don't necessarily understand the message. My job is to deliver it, and so by keeping it clear, my clients have the best possible chances of allowing the messages to land. This practice has made it easier for me to open up to the people in my life. It allows me to freely give love. It has allowed me to verbalize feelings & impressions in both awkward and even more trying times. Being someone who learned to predominantly express through abstract movement, words were not always the easiest; they certainly were not my go-to.

At first, this practice felt like I was doing something wrong, especially if I was standing up for myself. It would be followed by an uncomfortable adrenalin rush and I would have to remind myself that expression was good, and I wasn't going to be 'punished'. I slowly learned to remove blame and simply showcase the issues that were on my mind, with full belief that a solution could be found.

That last part is crucial, especially when there's conflict. Allow the possibility for a solution to appear. Even if you don't have one, bringing up whatever you're experiencing with the other person allows you to work together on a path forward. If you make the first step, they might follow suit and offer gifts of their own. If they resist and choose to focus on who 'wins' over moving on, then you'll learn an important aspect about that other person.

Whatever happens, release yourself! Find the strength to spit out what's on your mind. So what if feels silly? So what if someone doesn't react how you wish? Allow the possibilities to show up, and they just might.

This is where I must tell you, dear reader, that I appreciate you for checking in on these posts. Thank you for reminding me when it's been too long without a new entry. Thank you for caring. I appreciate you and I look forward to your responses and messages every time.

Blessings and respect,



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