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New Moon Celebration

I enjoy honoring the cycles of Nature in as many forms as possible. It's been a great pleasure watching the general population now geek out on the moon phases and other planetary cycles... mainly because for so many years of my life, I've never had many people to share that type of conversation with and now it is all changing. Sooooo in honor of building community, I've teamed up with my good friend and founder of Nourished Union, Karen Brar to lead our first ever public New Moon Celebration.

This will be an evening to gather and build community. We will lead a discussion on the aspects of Leo season and heartfelt courage followed by a few practices to harness the strength of the Fire element in conjunction with the startup power of the new moon. If you're in Toronto and would like a safe space to welcome the night with meditation, please come and feel free to bring a friend.

Don't forget to RSVP!




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