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New Beginnings

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Welcome to the first post on the first site I've ever created! Love Notes is a compilation of projects, thoughts, and diary entries all made in the name of love. Love is what I've got to give and here you'll see my interpretation of it in all its forms.

It is fitting that the first video I share will tell you will be my introduction to audiences at Love Letters Cabaret presentations.

Have you been to one of my shows?



Video Transcript:

Shit! You're good-looking! (cheers) Yes Yes Yes

This is a night of education. We are a didactic group. I like to teach you with my naughty bits, so you're in for a ride. We are the people of excess, luxury, decadence.

We are unapologetic. We are beautiful. We are perfect. And that's why you're here because you see yourself in us. Yes. Can I get an Amen?! (crowd noise)

We are what your mother feared you'd get into. No joke, I'm what my mother feared I'd get into. Please, release yourself of any voices, inhibitions and any needs to censor yourself. Make some mother fuckin' noise every time you have a little inkling to. Pound on Something. Yell at something. Ah.. just don't be a dick 'cause I will come for you.



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