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Message from Spirit

Messy hair, don't care. My ancestors are keeping it real and telling me to pass along this message. It's time to Listen & Learn. There's a lot of confusion in the air, but if you take a moment to pause, you'll see that vital answers are drifting above the static, answers that will help you... And we are One, so take a brief moment for yourself and for us, so we may find the tools to thrive through this chaotic time. If you would like some guidance on where you might best focus your intentions, I'm here. 🏹

Here it is.

Blessings & Respect,


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Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan
Oct 29, 2023

A world of noise and endless chatter,

where voices clash and egos shatter,

a simple truth we must embrace,

to find the wisdom in silence's grace.

Shut the fuck up, let your words subside,

in the quiet, let your spirit ride,

in stillness, we may truly hear,

whispers of truth, both far and near.

Listen to the wind as it softly sighs,

to the secrets of the earth, the moon, and skies,

yet in the hush, a world unseen,

a symphony of life, both raw and keen.

Shut the fuck up and let your heart attune,

to the rhythms of life, the sun and moon,

within the silence, a world of gold,

a tapestry of heroic stories untold.

So close…

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