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Listen with all of your senses

Updated: Jan 6

Magic is simple. To hone it in, one must DO less & observe more. This calms the mind, the body & when you're grounded, you can do anything. These are my two bits on what it takes to attune yourself to the Universe. In our daily existence, slowing down is seen as a distraction, but practicing paying attention encourages you to think critically, see things from different perspectives, and learn from your environment.

Slowing down allows you to reflect and perhaps see some truths that have been overlooked in plain sight. A fast-go-go-go type of life can be fun, and there's always a time and place for both, but without balance, the adrenaline rush of that type of life leans into consumerism, capitalism, what we now call 'productivity' and by default, it disconnects us from compassion for all life, including one's own needs... Too much? I don't think so but this is a huge topic that should be discussed further and I'm happy to delve deeper if anyone's interested.

Blessings & Respect



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