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Backstage Realities

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

This was at the very end of one of my Love Letters Cabaret shows. I had to completely change costumes in under less than a minute but the night had a different plan... Focus and an amazing Kitten (a loving term used for assistants in the burlesque world) got me through this travesty. You see, I enjoy the sting of a spank and in this cosmically kinky moment, the universe gave me something worth relishing. I could write about how for every second you see me on stage I'm experiencing lifetimes, taking in all the details, assessing, reassessing, falling in love, working the stage, reading the room, playing the tease, yadda yadda yadda... During a performance, everything is in slooooow motion!! When something goes wrong, it feels like an eternity but that ability to shift time and space allows me (and most performers) to problem-solve before anyone without a seasoned eye even notices there was a glitch, but why bother? It was caught on video. Enjoy all the nonglamour 😆




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