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A quick moment for true crime

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

It may be hard to understand at first glance but getting into true crime helped me get through a very scary & vulnerable time in my life. The storytellers I love the most focus on the victims, their families & the law systems in place that must do better to protect us - NOT the perps. Comment below if you know @myfavoritemurder #ssdgm !!!

Video transcript:

(Man's voice is narrating)

All I'm sayin' is there are women, all over the place, that watch serial killer documentaries, for fun, and literally fall asleep to true crime murder podcasts because it helps them to relax. The concept of murder helps them to relax. And you want to play with her feelings? (Laughter) I'm sorry dude, you do what makes you happy. I choose life.

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Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan
09 nov. 2023

I'm chasing one down now on an unsolved "suicide" in a small town. Police call it a suicide but will not release any evidence, including the kid's car. The family has no answers and law enforcement is not offering any. This is now going on year three. Also, asking citizen questions about the case locally has caused some people "difficulties" which end further questions.

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