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Pastel Supernova

Spiritual realignment through art & ritual 

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Welcome to my World

Let me introduce myself as your LatinX bruja...

I come from a line of natural healers and psychics and since childhood, I’ve been taught ancestral traditions to navigate through life holding the understanding that everything is indiscriminately interconnected. These traditions are loaded with rituals and a sophisticated communication system that connects with energies beyond the human language. We are all one and as such, with the knowledge I’ve been given, I strive to lead with love and share the little footprint I might leave in my wake with a gift of gratitude.
As such, I harness the tools of our Natural world to help my clients shift their life challenges into opportunities. Having grown up as a lifelong practitioner of the Craft, I offer Tarot readings, energy realignment treatments & herbal ceremonies, blessings & limpias. As a psychospiritual healer, I help folx face their limiting beliefs and fears by delving into Shadow Work. I offer guidance with Ritual Building to enhance a true connection to the world around us. For people interested in Spellcrafting, I offer Esoteric instruction specializing in folk magic, sex magic, animism & incantations. I'm currently in the process of obtaining my certificate as a d
eath doula to hold space for a deeper, trauma-informed connection to. building the Stamina, Curiosity & Courage it takes to live a fully charged life. 

I am professionally trained in theater and classical dance. My career has been sprinkled with work in film/television, as a choreographer & dancer on global tours in both contemporary indie-companies to pop-star stadium tours. I was in a band long enough to gain momentum & create one album cheekily titled Greatest Hits. I then moved on to direct a passion project titled Love Letters Cabaret. This multidisciplinary ensemble quickly earned the reputation of being “Toronto’s most sexually charged dance theatre company.” and it ran a monthly revue for just over a decade. During that time, I taught a slew of performance classes & was awarded several international burlesque awards. I developed a teaching style focused on harnessing confidence and grace by blending my artistic training with my lifelong spiritual practice. Through performance, I celebrate liberation and beauty in all of its forms. Still, I'm not limited to stage work and I play with as many mediums as possible to process life, embrace my demons & connect with others. You can see my archives of work as I post about them on my blog.


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