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Strawberry Moon Meditation

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Tonight is a strawberry super moon and very powerful. If something is on your mind, like a specific concern that you can't clear up, or if you're musing on possible answers to an important decision you must make... even if you've got a recurring dream you'd like clarity on, the moon has answers. Try out the following meditation tonight and let me know how it goes.

You'll need:

1 bowl of water


pen/ writing tool of your choice &

the light of the moon.

(Being out of doors is ideal but if it's peeking through your window, sit under it.)

🌙 When the moon is out find a comfortable place to sit. Turn your phone off and make sure you'll be free of distractions for at least 20 minutes.

🌙 If you're sitting on a chair, firmly plant your feet on the ground.

🌙 Take a few minutes to connect to your breath. Simply notice your breathing as your body inflates and deflates and effortlessly keeps you alive.

🌙 Raise your eyes on the sky/ moon. Feel the moonlight on your skin and relax your eyes. Close them if you wish - do what feels right. Let your thoughts pass without sticking to any of them.

🌙 When you're ready, write down your question.

🌙 Hold the paper with both hands and for 5 full breaths let the question and all of it's energies fill you until every cell of your being is experiencing what you've written down, let it all drain through your fingertips and into the paper. This will charge the paper with all the emotions and questions that have been stressing you. Allow this transfer to cool your mind and body.

🌙 On an exhale put the paper in the bowl of water

until it's completely wet.

🌙 Relax your eyes once again and actively feel for the moonlight on your forehead. This will cool your spirit.

🌙 Listen to the sounds around you and most importantly listen to your breath. Answers will come.

🌙 When you're ready blink open your eyes; pour the water from the bowl onto the ground or into a potted plant, as an offering of gratitude. Either drop the. paper into a recycling bin or flush it in the toilet. This will release you from the. confines of what's on your mind.

🌙 Write down what came up for you. And allow your thoughts 3 days to a simmer on the answers.

If you want to amplify this meditation you can add selenite or moonstone around the bowl. You may also want to wear white and or silver. You can use those colors to write your question. You might even want to use a soundtrack of your favorite water sounds. What is most important is that you take the time to be still and free of personal judgement, if only for 20 minutes.

If you don't know what getting answers from the moon looks or feels like, just focus on breathing in and out naturally. Notice any thoughts or memories that pop into your mind. You don't have to hold onto them; whatever you remember when you're done is what you need to know. If you start to doodle, don't stop but allow it to be almost automatic. The shapes you create in a meditative state are more important than the result of the image. Notice any changes in how you feel physically. If emotions come up, do you is there a certain body part that reacts? When you're done jot everything down AND...

If you can't make sense of what happened or if you don't notice anything at all, don't worry. This type of thing is called a practice because that is what it needs. Repetition. Eventually, you'll get in tune with yourself.

Have fun!




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