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Post 1st New Moon ceremony

It's been a week of digesting what came of the first public New Moon celebration.

More friends than I could have hoped for showed up for a night of story-telling, heartfelt courage and honest communication. It was a gorgeous to experience many of my artist friends meet each other in this realm. My heart leapt for joy and my inner child celebrated as we shared esoteric secrets under the darkness. My good friend Mikka Gia, an artist in her own right was gracious enough to film and edit our gathering so you can take a peek into the experience.

Moon Celebrations are a time for connecting with trusted friends, with Nature & with the cosmos. It's a time for sharing knowledge & appreciation for others... and of course for magic! This mandala created in reverence for the plants that help harness heartfelt courage and fearless creativity under the new moon in Leo.

Does any of this make sense to you? Be honest, I truly want your feedback...




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