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Spiritual Offerings

Support & Guidance

Growing up with a practice that honors Nature and the Divine has helped me in every aspect of life, from facing my deepest fears to shifting life's challenges into opportunities. Adding rituals to my lifestyle supported me through ups and downs and most importantly it enriched me with gratitude and a true sense of connection to all of life. With this in mind, I began offering Tarot readings and other esoteric services to the public and am currently eagerly furthering my studies into herbalism and energy realignment in order to expand my services and hold space for those looking to connect to their own higher power. 
I happily hold a judgment-free safe space. 
All people are welcome! LGBTQI+

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Tarot Reading



Whether you would like a general reading, guidance when decision making or if you'd prefer a forecast on a specific aspect of your life, the Tarot provides clarity and insight.
If this is your first reading, the tarot can be most helpful when you have a question. If you are unsure what to ask, take note of what is currently on your mind and we can begin there.

Ritual Building

(2 Sessions)


If you would like to infuse specific goals with the concentrated energies of Nature, your ancestors, and honored Deities,  then I can customize a special ritual for you.

*Initial Tarot Reading is highly recommended  
*2 Sessions are Required*
The first (30-minute) consultation covers the details of your goal. The second session (45 minutes) covers the details and instructions of the custom-designed ritual so you may proceed with confidence.

I reserve the right to decline any request that is contrary to my moral code. 


Movement Flow

(1 hour)


This practice uses the body as a vessel of prayer, & is used to help you open yourself to truth, forgiveness, and spiritual stamina.

All levels of fitness are welcome, as the dancing is a blend of intuitive movement, and Sacred physical invocations through Goddess poses.   

To ensure bookings a 40% deposit will be requested. No refunds are available for appointment cancellations within 24 hours.  

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