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Blue Skies, a Love Spell

Once upon a time, I experienced a love that encompassed the most romance I've ever known. We greedily consumed its beauty and toxicity with a kind of religious fervor. It lasted a few years created with an unforgettable beginning, supported by a smile-inducing middle, and terminated with an end so painful it's forever etched into the archives of my heart. I was all the melodrama you can possibly imagine and more but eventually, I got bored of feeling helpless and called in my bruja self to create a spell to help heal my wounds.

I literally needed to shake off the dense energy stuck to me like a thick pelt. Inspired by Ella Fitzgerald's Blue Skies, I created a dance about someone who is absolutely beaming with joy, so fully immersed in love that if I faked it on stage, the audience would know. To rehearse it, I'd have to harness feelings of pure love while bouncing and smiling and doing all the rest.

The more I rehearsed, the more I shook the sadness out of my muscles and out of my pores. It was cleansing and invigorating and whenever I feel shitty, I still perform the routine for myself. I've taken this act around the world and thankfully, audiences seem to like it too.

Color photos by Ruth Gillson & Black and White pics by Chris Hutcheson




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