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A little Español (Distancia)

Throughout my entire life, living with my mother, I grew up alongside a book she always kept carefully wrapped in a homemade protector. She wasn't particularly abusive to any of her belongings, but this book got extra reverence. It lived near her bed and it was the hero of many stories. I learned about the person who gave it to her, and how that love changed her life. The book itself was a quiet entity in our home and It is perhaps because of the special care it always got, I never thought to pick it up and read it until about a year after my mother passed on.

I finally gave the book, Repertorio Poetico - Luis Edgardo Ramirez attention to do three things: to continue a connection with my mother, to get to know Hispanic poets as well as I know western authors, and to bond with my father who has happily discussed the nuances and the relevant culture needed to really grasp certain poems.

Distancia - Gustavo Arevalo Pacheco

Reading poetry brings me joy, but it wasn't until I started reading Spanish poemas that I was moved to a new degree. I hope you like it. There will be more of these.



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Jim Sullivan
Jim Sullivan

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