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Who am I?

Let me begin by saying that yes, Pastel Supernova is actually my name. I am a LatinX lady, a classically trained dancer and actor and my career has been sprinkled with film & television work, global tours dancing in contemporary dance companies, and then as a backup dancer for pop stars (most notably with Nelly Furtado). In 2012 I left the commercial dance world to share my own artistic visions and founded Love Letters Cabaret. With this beautifully diverse group, I produced multidisciplinary burlesque revues dedicated to honoring the female archetypes and Deities who inspire me most. We quickly became notorious and the company's blend of powerhouse performers and seductive choreography packed houses and earned a reputation of being “Toronto’s most sexually charged dance theatre company.”

As a solo performer, I've won awards internationally. (Top Burlesque Performer - Alternative People's Choice Awards;  Best Stage Presence - Lake Como Burlesque Festival; Best Nightlife Entertainment - Toronto Nightclub Awards) And I've taken the opportunity to perform both at the legendary Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, and once with Dita Von Teese.   

As an instructor in studios, I kept getting approached for lessons on how to stand out boldly so I developed a style of instructing focused on developing confidence and grace. My motto "Say Yes" is the foundation for building the kind of self-love and boldness applicable to both life, self-love, and showbiz alike. 

As of recently, I have begun to offer elements of my lifelong esoteric practices privately to clients. I have been practicing divination and reading the Tarot since I was a child and ritual has always been a great source of joy for me. At this point in my life, I am eager and ready to hold space for anyone looking to (re)connect with the subtle higher vibrations of the Creatrix. My spiritual practice has been a journey in itself and, I'm always furthering my studies so that I may continue adding offerings that bring beauty and magic into one's life.

On-screen I've had the pleasure to flirt and two of my credits have been extra fun because I got to play myself!  (Degrassi TNG and DC Titans). In my first feature-length film Becoming Burlesque, I will brag that I was the film's choreographer off-camera as well as the head of a notorious burlesque company in the script... And the adventure continues! 

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